Welcome to the natural healing clinic

Portrait of Rita

I am Hannah Rita Mackenzie, a Spiritual Healer, Therapist of Massage and Reflexology Health Coach and LOA Life Coach of 30+ years.

Everyone is welcome here, irrespective of age, colour or creed.

I am a conduit for the Universal / Cosmic Energy to flow through, which is filled with healing light and unconditional love to the healing of others. A very powerful energy beyond all humanity.

It is of this energy that structures all of my treatments, releasing pain and discomforts, caused by stuck energy and doesn’t need a knife to shift it. And so much more!!

Benefits of treatments

Picture of a cup of tea
Relaxing and calming
Better sleep
Release stress, pain, discomforts and disease
Picture of healing stones
Weight loss
Healing and energizing
Rejuvenating the body’s
energy responses
Picture of herbs
Accelerating the body’s own healing mechanism, allowing the body to heal itself
Healthy eating – a way of life
A girl relaxing
Happiness, peace and joy in your life
Better relationships
And so much more

Healing only takes place from the INSIDE – OUT. So if you don’t like the outside or what is, you have to change the inside, otherwise everything will remain the same. Treatments address the #4 body’s of life – not just #1

To bring about wholeness and well-being in all areas of life

You Can Learn How To;

Heal yourself and loved ones
Be happy and of joy for no reason
Be abundant in all things
Be of wealth and prosperity
Bring your dreams into reality
Confident and successful
Healthy eating – a way of life

Nothing is too great or small to address

I also do DISTANT HEALING by appointment

VIRTUAL HEALING on face-time/ online worldwide. English is spoken only

Many thanks for your interest and to be of assistance in time of need.